Remake: Candyman

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is right up there with a few of my all time favorite movies.  I think I love movies with singing involved hence some of my other all time favorites being Rent, Grease…see what I mean?  Anywho, along with Pure Imagination, Candyman to me is the best song in the movie.  Who remembers?

Dope right?!  Well imagine my delight when watching TV this past Easter Sunday and seeing on an M&M commercial that Zedd & Aloe Blacc kinda sorta remade Candyman. They put a techno uptempo spin on it and I gotta say I loves it!  But what do you think?

Yay or Nay to the 2016 Candyman?  Did they do the original justice?



Fit of the Week

I’m totally obsessed with shopping for my wee one, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m dressing vicariously through her or because kids’ clothes are just so damn cute.  Maybe it’s a bit of both.  Not unlike when I shop for myself she can be preppy one day and hooded out the next.  It’s just incredibly fun for me!

This week’s fit:



Faux leather motorcycle jacket: Keep It Kute clothing (

Baseball tee: Osh Kosh

Jeans: Old Navy (home made distressed job by Daddy himself)

Sneakers: Old Navy




& a Cocktail: Crown Royal Apple & 7up

Today was a good day! I got out of work a little early and so did Cakes, I decided we would do something fun so egg coloring was on.  My sissy and my niece came over to make it a party and we got to coloring.  Well it was mostly us yelling at them to get their damn hands out the cups and stop fighting over the damn cups, it’s enough color for everyone and other miscellaneous yelling sessions.

After cleaning egg dye off of hands, wiping droplets off the floor and hiding from them in the bathroom I think I deserve a cocktail.  Tonight’s drink of choice is Crown Royal Apple which I’ve been dying to try and 7up.  The Crown Royal Apple smells amazing and tastes even better.  This cocktail is a must try….





Tattletale-Kids   When I was younger (waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy younger) my dad used to try to get me to tell on my big sister.  At first I used to sing like a canary which would almost always be followed by me getting a beating.  Then when I got hip to the game and kept mum I would almost always get a beating.  It was then that I understood what “you can’t win” meant.  I never really understood what the hell my dad’s problem was and what was his reasoning for confusing the crap out of me.  Until I became a parent!

I now know why my dad was so bipolar when it came to the subject of “not telling” because I’m at that stage in parenting and I don’t know how to not be bipolar when “telling” comes into play.  The duality of the situation is I want Cakes to be all telling when it comes to communicating with me and her dad.  I want her to remain comfortable enough to tell us any and everything and for her to know that we are her vaults but I also don’t want to raise her to be a blabber mouth, a secret teller or a tattletale.  Know what I mean? No? Let me break my dilemma down for ya.

A couple weekends ago Cakes had a sleepover with her 2 sister/cousins.  I was in another room making breakfast and Cakes came to tell me that the 2 others were fighting.  My automatic response was “stop telling” even though I was super grateful for the intel.  Like how I not so subliminally snuck the “stop snitching clause” in there!?  This would classify as a time that I want her to be forthcoming with me because had she not, I probably would have never known that a fight ensued until someone came out the room crying.  On the flip side, earlier this week I was told that Cakes told on her classmate to his mother.  I tried to explain to her, well first off let me preface this “talk” I’m about to have with her by saying I hate when she makes me put on my adult hat and I have to be the adultier adult in the room, if only she knew I was living a lie.  Ok so where was I?  Oh so I tried to explain to her that it’s okay when she’s talking to mommy (that’s me) and daddy, but it’s not nice that she told on her classmate because maybe he wanted to tell his mommy first.  Would she like it if someone told on her to her mommy and daddy before she got a chance to.  That’s it!  I kept it simple she’s 3 for goodness sake.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that this talk was highly effective because 1) Cakes started crying even though I was talking in my super calm I’m not mad at you voice (the crying let me know she kinda sorta understood the severity of what I was saying) and 2) my mom was present while said talk happened and when I was done I caught her looking at me all lovingly-like giving me the “wow I’m impressed” “you’re a good mommy” “go me for raising her” looks.

When she gets older I guess I’m going to have to go into a little more detail, I’m super excited about those impending convos rme.

But for now I’ll let her enjoy being a kid!



Oh Hello!

Here goes nothing!

Okay I’m doing it.  I love writing with everything in my being but it’s been so long and so much has gone on that I am suddenly questioning my God given gift like I just lost it.  Shhhhh! A little secret…I started this blog a couple weeks ago and kept procrastinating because I’m so nervous.  I think I’ve been self sabotaging myself.  Like the other day I went to write a post and my laptop wasn’t charged, instead of plugging it in like a normal, sensible person would I just put it down. UNCHARGED.  Who does that, ME the SABOTEUR.

But I decided to cut the shit (as I like to say and you will hear me say often) because how am I gonna get the juices flowing if I don’t do something.  So this is me doing something!  Besides I have so much stuff to talk about.  Every post from here on out will be better.  Please feel free to comment on any or all of my posts and let me know how I’m doing.

Phew! First post *check*.