Oh Hello!

Here goes nothing!

Okay I’m doing it.  I love writing with everything in my being but it’s been so long and so much has gone on that I am suddenly questioning my God given gift like I just lost it.  Shhhhh! A little secret…I started this blog a couple weeks ago and kept procrastinating because I’m so nervous.  I think I’ve been self sabotaging myself.  Like the other day I went to write a post and my laptop wasn’t charged, instead of plugging it in like a normal, sensible person would I just put it down. UNCHARGED.  Who does that, ME the SABOTEUR.

But I decided to cut the shit (as I like to say and you will hear me say often) because how am I gonna get the juices flowing if I don’t do something.  So this is me doing something!  Besides I have so much stuff to talk about.  Every post from here on out will be better.  Please feel free to comment on any or all of my posts and let me know how I’m doing.

Phew! First post *check*.





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