Mama’s in the kitchen cooking: Lasagna Poppers

I’m not even kidding when I tell you this is my first complete and total epic fail.  Not because it wasn’t tasty or it looked a mess but because this recipe was so freaking annoying you have no idea.  I’m so annoyed that I can’t even go through the steps with you I am completely done with this recipe.  Seriously!

Okay so here is the tasty version of the recipe:

Lasagna Poppers

And here are the reasons why I hate (I’m aware that hate is a strong word and if I could find a stronger word to express the extent of dislike I feel for these damn lasagna poppers I’d insert it here gotdamnit).

  1. It took me close to 3 damn hours to make this mess.
  2. You basically have to freeze them after every single step which I’m sure ain’t nobody got time for.
  3. Between the meat, sauce, cheese mixture falling out of the lasagna noodles, the flour, egg wash, bread crumbs, egg wash, bread crumb again and the freezing process  my kitchen and hands were messy as heck which offset my OCD and literally gave me a mild anxiety attack.
  4. I was looking forward to them tasting like bite sized version of my lasagna (which I make a mean pan of) but it just tasted like super breaded and fried noodles.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good fried noodle but not when I’m expecting yummy, tasty, gooey lasagna.
  5. Mr. Grumps agrees these damn things aren’t worth all the fuss it took to make them.
  6. And last but not least the reason why I hate this recipe is because after all the mess, trouble and time it took to make these things….Cakes loved them and has asked me to make them AT LEAST four times.  Ugh!

On a scale of 1-5 I give this recipe a “don’t do it Miss Celie”.  Here is what mine looked like, I warn don’t be fooled by presentation these things are the devil.










Fit of the Week

Just when we all thought summer was here the weather started getting tricky again.  Cakes had on a cute light jacket in mint that matched her sneakers but opted to disrobe when it was picture taking time.

Top: Gap Kids

Cropped Jeans: True Religion

Sneakers: Old Navy



Making Memories


I love the part in movies when someone has “the montage” of their most fun/happy/sad/silly/heartbreaking/profound memories, I’m just a plain ole sucker for it.  When I learned that I was going to be a mommy I vowed that we would make lots and lots of memories.  Hopefully the bulk of them would be fun and silly because I’m kind of fun and silly and filled with love.  Sometimes I’m guilty of going through the motions…work, home, bed, repeat and I have to give myself a bitchslap like they do in the movies which is usually followed by someone telling someone to “snap out of it”.  I love dancing (mostly randomly in public) I LOVE music (also singing randomly outloud in public), I also love snapping my fingers (which literally irritates Mr. Grumps’ soul) so a couple nights ago in the midst of getting ready for bed we had an impromptu dance party.  In addition to making some fun memories (“I love dancing with you mommy”) I learned some pretty cool/scary things about my kid and about myself:

  1. Cakes’ hip moving game is way strong: What is it with these kids and their hip actions.  She was shaking it to the left, shaking it to the right.
  2. I’m outta shape: Never oh never did I think I’d see the day when I let a 4 year old out dance me (shit I’ve been known to cut a rug or 2 in my day) but the amount of asthma like breathing I had to partake in was a wake up call that I need to step my game up.
  3. Should I be concerned that when singing “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift she closes her eyes and puts her hand over her heart as if it she knows what’s she singing, singing it from her heart and she means that shit?????
  4. She’s serious about her music selection: I let her “DJ” and although they are songs I picked to have in my phone which means I like(d) the song at one point or another , the songs she picked to play and the point at which she transitioned from one song to the next had me giving her the side eye like this kid is kinda sorta pretty good at this.
  5. She just may have my love and appreciation of music.
  6. I love dancing with Cakes!

So yeah, she went to bed a lot later than she normally does and she was way more tired once she made it to bed but the amount of fun we had, the happiness that our impromptu dance party brought on and the bunch of funny videos Mr.Grumps took were well worth it.

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that mean the world!


Whoa Is (Me Time)

Work has been so crazy and an absolute shit show. If the company’s goal is to turn everyone’s hair gray, cause stress related health issues and piss everyone off they are on the road to excellence. But I’m sure I’m not alone in that feeling so I shall move along. 

As I was leaving the building Friday evening and chucking up the deuces minus one I told myself that I wasn’t gonna do jack squat this weekend. I was going to go home, hide under the covers and sleep.  The only time I allotted myself to be out of my bed was when I was going to be applying my face mask, because another great side effect of work is the pimple insurgence. Well friends it’s Sunday and like the rest of y’all I’m wondering where my weekend went and how come Saturday comes and goes yet Monday comes and stay. The closest I got to my goal of weekend nothingness was getting a nap in on Saturday. Why is it so hard to obtain me time? Mr. Grumps tried his damnedest to help me achieve said goals and aspirations of slackerdom but it just didn’t work out.  He tried to tend to all of Cakes few needs and MANY MANY MANY wants but it just didn’t work out that way. Especially when she’s so polarizing with her requests. “Mommy mommy mommy” Daddy appears. “I want mommy” well mommy is taking a nap. Silence as if to say I’ll wait or even better when she crawls into my nap space and lays on me. Not next to me in a cuddly manner but on me as in head on my face blocking my ability to breathe or her big ass heavy head on my belly, forcing me to wake up. Bless his heart he tried.  

I’m starting to believe that it’s just not possible to take me time while in the presence of a little one. They cannot let it be and they will do everything in their little powers to stop it from happening. I actually found myself getting jealous of and coveting her energy. How and why the hell do they have so much energy I thought as I literally watched her run from the back of the apartment to the front and “cannonball” head first into the couch. Repeatedly. No breaks. No gasps of air. She. Just. Kept. Going. And Going. And Going. Just how? HOW! (In my very best Kanye voice). 

I used to wonder why some mothers spent their Mother’s Day somewhere without their kids or when I’d ask my sissy what she had planned for Mother’s Day and she would say she planned to be in her damn bed uninterrupted.  Don’t you wanna spend the day with your kids? Afterall they are the reason you have this day. Right? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! So gotdamn wrong I was.  I not only know why but fully intend to join the club. I now know they take the day in an attempt to regain 364 days worth of sanity, 364 days worth of sleep, 364 days of normal energy so that the next day they can go back and do it all over again with the fond memory of that one day they didn’t have to do shit. And gotdamnit you can count me in! 

Me time will be accomplished next weekend when I run away from home and will probably spend the day calling my baby to check on her because I miss her so very much. Don’t judge me! 

Is it too early for a cocktail!?

Fit of the Week

We’re pretty much damn near in May yet the weather is like a box of chocolates, you never know what ya gonna get. This week was fairly chilly so we had to revert to semi warm weather clothing. I love this leggings and sweatshirt combo because it’s bright and keeps you warm for those in between days. 

Top: Circo (Target)

Leggings: Le Gap

Boots: Timberland

DIY PJ Masks Sleepover

In my previous post Ohhhhh It’s Party Time! I talked about how Cakes decided on a birthday theme that we loved but had no merchandise in stores yet.  PJ Masks is a Disney cartoon that came out I’d say about 4 months ago, there is only one season and there are no toys, no socks, no t shirts, no table clothes, no nothing produced yet.  So we took the bull by the horns and decided to make this a DIY project.  This was a sleepover with a twist, I decided that I wanted it to be an activities fueled party as to keep them from playing in the room and pulling out every single toy which would lead to me pulling out every single hair on my head.

***almost everything seen in these pictures were hand made by me, Mr. Grumps and my team (super special shout out to Auntie Punkin who helped me realize my DIY abilities and kept me focused in our own OCD’ish sorta way***.

We wizened up after the first 2 birthdays and instead of buying a big ole cake that we would end up putting in the freezer and forgetting about we started doing cupcakes.  So here’s our little cupcake/PJ Mask display setup.  My mom decorated her cupcake stand and made the “4” at the top with coffee filters.  Don’t ask me how that’s a little too advanced for me.  Also seen, our DIY PJ Mask table toppers, party favor boxes with our stickers and t shirts we made.  We thought that t shirts would be a cool way to reiterate the theme and a fun take away gift.


My sissy found the perfect post on pinterest which was just what was needed for the activities portion of the sleepover.  You write down different activities on a little piece of paper, fold it and put it in a balloon, blow it up and then write a time on it.  The girls took turns popping the balloon with the corresponding time and that’s what activity they participated in.  Not only did the girls have a ball popping the balloons and seeing the surprise activity inside but we had hella fun assembling this task.


Once the girls changed into their PJ Masks shirts and owlette masks we popped the first balloon which was photo shoot/tattoo time.  The cartoon’s slogan is “PJ Masks we’re on our way, into the night to save the day”.  So we created a photo booth with the PJ Masks characters patrolling the city.  This was super fun and the girls got to take lots of fun pictures all night long (confession: the photo booth is still up).  (Owlette masks were ordered from Etsy).  IMG_8767




Since the sleepover was PJ Masks who are little superheros we kept with the superhero theme by having them design their own superhero masks.  May I just say for 4 & 5 year olds they made some impeccably designed masks.



For our DIY ring toss game, you get a stack of paper plates, cut holes in the middle and there you have your rings.  The cardboard in the middle of the paper towel roll is the post.  The weekend before the sleepover we got the girls together and had them paint the plates.  They didn’t know what it was for, they just enjoyed painting the plates.  So when party time came around and they got to see their painted plates and what it was for they were super excited to see and claim their paintings.


We had pin the badge on owlette:


For our DIY cupcake holders all you need are 2 plastic cocktail cups, ribbon and a hole puncher.  These were perfect for a take away gift for the girlies to take home, so they could get pumped up with sugar and drive their parents crazy lol.


Overall the party was a success, we got super big thank you hugs from Cakes and the whole gang said it was the best sleepover ever.  As stressful as it was and as many times as I just wanted to go to party city and get hello kitty stuff I would do it over and over again.  Yet another thing to add to my jane of all trades master of none title.


Kids get on my nerves.  Whoa whoa come back.  Not in the way that you’re thinking.  In the way that they force you to have serious grown up convos when all you really wanna do is laugh.  Also, because they think they are just soooooooo damn smart.

A little while ago, I’m minding my business trying to binge catch up on Game of Thrones…from season 4 don’t judge me, in prances Cakes to tell me she’s ready to take a bath.  I immediately notice she has on a different pair of undies from last I saw her 15 minutes ago, this usually means 1 thing and that sparks said serious grown up convo:

Me: Why did you change your undies?  Did you have an accident?

Cakes: nods head

Me: sigh of disappointment

Cakes: But not in my bed (as if that makes it ok).

Me: *going into a mental frenzy wondering all the other horrible places she could have had this accident if not in the bed (on her couch, ON MY COUCH!, on the floor while playing with her toys which are now sitting in a puddle of “accident” that was really fun to clean up last time ugh)* I digress.  Where Cakes?

Cakes: Um just in my undies.

Me: *sigh of relief* why didn’t you go to the bathroom?

Cakes: I did but, but I forgot to wipe myself so my undies got wet.

Me: Why didn’t you wipe yourself?  Didn’t I tell you to wipe yourself?

Cakes: Yes.

Me: So why didn’t you.

Have you ever noticed that when having one of these serious talks with a kid or chastizing a child they suddenly become super focused on something in the hopes that you’ll become super focused on the same thing and totally forget the “they’re in trouble” part?  Well it was at this point in the convo that Cakes starts scratching her back and twisting and turning and lifting and lowering her shirt.  I sat in amusement for about a good 3 minutes trying not to laugh at the thought that she totally thought she was getting away with something.  I even appeased her a bit with concern and scratched her ever itching back with the caring mommy soothing voice.  And just when she stopped “itching” and thought she was off the hook.  BOOM.  Back at it again with the convo.  I guess she figured she had no wins and that’s when she went in for the kill and tried to hug me.  I’m usually a sucka for a hug but not now, I had a point to prove which was you can’t bamboozle me kid, I know all the tricks.  Which made me remember when my parents used to tell me “you can’t bullshit a bullshitter” and then I realized whoa I sound like my parents, this is getting too deep so I gave her the narrowed eyed, pluck finger formation and let her off with a warning of “don’t do it again” and let her go play.  Once she was gone I laughed my head off.  This kid.



When I Should Have Been….

You should probably know that I’m late….as a person, that’s just who I am.  I’m not proud of it and I’ve been working to correct it but for the most part I’m just late.

Today, on this beautifully warm and sunny morning, when I should have been at work…

I was roaming the streets of the Upper East Side, stopping and smelling the roses, not in the actual sense because I have the world’s worst allergies (I can’t even remember the last time I was able to breathe through my nose), but you know what I mean.  I’m usually hustling and bustling on my 12 block walk to get to work from the bus, but today I was hyper aware of all the dope things I’m too in a rush to notice any other day.

Like this building, as many times as I’ve passed it I never noticed how it just stands out from all the other brownstone-like buildings on the block and just how cool it is *oh how I love a sitting window*:


I have noticed this next one because it’s kind of hard not to and I even gave it my own little nickname “the yellow brick road”.  This is the entrance way into the NY School of Interior Design.  Dead smack amidst all these concrete blocks is this little yellow brick road:


You wouldn’t know by looking at my mostly black, white & grey wardrobe that I looooooooooooove color.  This Gracious Homes window display was too colorful and fun looking to bypass without sharing it with you my friends:


Another thing that stood out to me was while stopping to take these pictures everyone was gracious enough to stop in their tracks to allow me to take all these pics.  I was totally taken aback at how cool that was…and they say us New Yorkers are rude, tuh!

Needless to say I was super late to work but at least I was in a really reaaaaaaalllly good mood.  Sometimes you just gotta time the time.





Fit of the Week

I usually don’t like to put skirts or dresses on Cakes when she goes to school but since last week was her birthday it was an excuse to get her a little dolled up.

bday cakes 2

bday cakes 1

Princess Crown headband: Anna Belen hair accessories.

Tutu dress: Old Navy

Denim shirt: Osh Kosh

Sneakers: Good Ole Converse

Sass: Designed by God lol.