Views from the (Iphone)6

A couple of weekends ago Cakes, the Grumpster and I got to attend an amazing “Ice Age: Collision Course” event.  We (well Cakes) got to watch the movie because it was night night, lights out for me and Grumps.  The little bit I saw was very cute for what it’s worth.  There was a kiddie afterparty where the kids got to do arts and crafts, meet the characters, do yoga, eat goodies, get their faces painted, etc.  It was off the chain.  Not only was the event dope but the scenery really moved me.  You wouldn’t be able to tell by my mostly black and white wardrobe but I LOVE COLOR and this setup was nothing short of stunning!  I was entranced by these colors something like the Clintons with balloons.

Cool or what!?



Views from the (Iphone) 6

Last week my 2 sisters and I went out afterwork in the city.  I’m not quite sure how but we ended up on the infamous 5th avenue.  Dead smack in the middle of the block is this huge pool standing upright, well actually it’s called “Van Gogh’s Ear” by artists Elmgreen & Dragset  It was so cool I had to share with you.  Check it out:



I love how these people are casually having a convo as if this big ass pool isn’t dead smack behind them! 

Also walking passed Saks 5th Avenue I was taken aback by the Louis Vuitton display, let’s just say it was out of this world lol.


It’s what I love most about living in NYC, there is always something new to view!  Pretty dope huh.







When I Should Have Been….

You should probably know that I’m late….as a person, that’s just who I am.  I’m not proud of it and I’ve been working to correct it but for the most part I’m just late.

Today, on this beautifully warm and sunny morning, when I should have been at work…

I was roaming the streets of the Upper East Side, stopping and smelling the roses, not in the actual sense because I have the world’s worst allergies (I can’t even remember the last time I was able to breathe through my nose), but you know what I mean.  I’m usually hustling and bustling on my 12 block walk to get to work from the bus, but today I was hyper aware of all the dope things I’m too in a rush to notice any other day.

Like this building, as many times as I’ve passed it I never noticed how it just stands out from all the other brownstone-like buildings on the block and just how cool it is *oh how I love a sitting window*:


I have noticed this next one because it’s kind of hard not to and I even gave it my own little nickname “the yellow brick road”.  This is the entrance way into the NY School of Interior Design.  Dead smack amidst all these concrete blocks is this little yellow brick road:


You wouldn’t know by looking at my mostly black, white & grey wardrobe that I looooooooooooove color.  This Gracious Homes window display was too colorful and fun looking to bypass without sharing it with you my friends:


Another thing that stood out to me was while stopping to take these pictures everyone was gracious enough to stop in their tracks to allow me to take all these pics.  I was totally taken aback at how cool that was…and they say us New Yorkers are rude, tuh!

Needless to say I was super late to work but at least I was in a really reaaaaaaalllly good mood.  Sometimes you just gotta time the time.