Fit of the Week

I’m in love with these olive green shorts, I can’t put my finger on why exactly they are just the cutest things.  Cakes hasn’t had a chance to wear them all summer so I was just hell’s bent on her wearing them today.  But what with???  I “found” this top that I think went perfectly with the shorts.  How did I do?



Shorts: Carter’s

Top & Sneakers: Old Navy




Fit of the Week

Just when we all thought summer was here the weather started getting tricky again.  Cakes had on a cute light jacket in mint that matched her sneakers but opted to disrobe when it was picture taking time.

Top: Gap Kids

Cropped Jeans: True Religion

Sneakers: Old Navy



Fit of the Week

I usually don’t like to put skirts or dresses on Cakes when she goes to school but since last week was her birthday it was an excuse to get her a little dolled up.

bday cakes 2

bday cakes 1

Princess Crown headband: Anna Belen hair accessories.

Tutu dress: Old Navy

Denim shirt: Osh Kosh

Sneakers: Good Ole Converse

Sass: Designed by God lol.



Fit of the Week

This New York weather has been quite schizophrenic lately you can experience all 4 seasons in just one week. I try to lay Cakes’ clothes out the night before and check the weather because it’s been like a box of chocolates, you never know what ya gonna get, but this past week I’ve been so tired I was lucky we made it outside fully clothed with matching shoes….except for that one day I had one black shoe and one camel shoe but this isn’t about me.  This fit is just as effortless as it is cute. And yes I’m in love with her jacket so you’ll probably see it ALOT!


Jacket: Keep It Kute Clothing (

Sweatsuit: H&M

Sneakers: Jordans (don’t ask me which ones because I have no clue, her daddy is the Jordan aficionado of the house)

Oh and I just went a spring clothes haul for her.  Can’t wait for you to see some of her new pieces.




Fit of the Week

I’m totally obsessed with shopping for my wee one, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m dressing vicariously through her or because kids’ clothes are just so damn cute.  Maybe it’s a bit of both.  Not unlike when I shop for myself she can be preppy one day and hooded out the next.  It’s just incredibly fun for me!

This week’s fit:



Faux leather motorcycle jacket: Keep It Kute clothing (

Baseball tee: Osh Kosh

Jeans: Old Navy (home made distressed job by Daddy himself)

Sneakers: Old Navy