Don’t Wait Til It’s Gone to Know What You’ve Got.

grateful heart


My black hair was boring, I wanted to lighten things up so I dyed it and it all fell out: Thought I wanted change.  Now I want things back to the way they were.

I didn’t speak to her much in the mornings because I’m not a morning person: Thought I wanted some peace and quiet.  Now she’s gone and I can’t hear her voice.  I have quiet but no peace.

He took for granted the times I washed, folded and put away his laundry:  Thought my little gestures of love were no big deal.  Now he’s always late because he can’t find his clothes.

She thought cleaning her home was a burden:  Now she doesn’t know how much longer she will have this home.  She now prays this time cleaning her home won’t be the last.

Like Joni said “don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”.

Be thankful for your right here and right now.  Maybe it could be better but it damn sure could be worse.