Summer Time Treats

Watermelon Balls!

I realized with Cakes that no matter how yummy it actually is, if it doesn’t look yummy she’s just not that into it.  So I’m always looking for ways to reinvent and reintroduce foods to her and letting her help me out as much as possible in preparing it since she likes to cook with me.

This isn’t really a recipe per say just a new fun way for her to eat fruit which she absolutely loves.  A plus is that it was something she could help me make which quickly turned into her taking over and being able to do it all by herself.  Proud mommy moment!

All you need is some watermelon and a small scooper and go to town.  What a fun summer time treat.



Escaping Rooms and Whatnot

Who loves Groupon like I love Groupon??? It is legit the best way to try a bunch of new things that you probably wanted to do or would never do without spending all your money.  It has also introduced me to fun things that I didn’t even know I loved until I tried it.  Case and point….Escape the Room.

Before I proceed, I feel like I have a God given talent for investigating and my woman’s intuition is way strong (when I actually listen it’s almost always 100% correct),  in my 20’s I used it to be detective and investigate my ex’s shenanigans, ya’ll know what I’m talking about.  Then I realized I may or may not have missed my calling to be an FBI Behavioral Analysis Agent.  Which leads me to my obsession with Investigation Discovery TV, 20/20, Dateline, Criminal Minds, Sword & Scale & Serial podcast type things.  While most people like to listen to the soothings sounds of the ocean to put them to sleep I usually fall asleep to the soothing sound of crime tv.  Are you seriously judging?!  Everybody has their something.

Anyways, what does Groupon and Crime TV have to do with each other?  Well, there’s this new (I actually don’t know how new it is, but before 2016 I’d never heard of it) thing called escaping the room, you basically get locked in a room and have to look for clues, solve puzzles and hone in on your detective skills to get the f*ck out of the room.  There are many different room themes to choose from.  Although Escaping the Room sounded intriguing to my sisters and I, as avid ID TV watchers we were leary and so we tried the least threatening sounding of the room options.  Detective Story…how fitting!  So we embarked on the detective story, leary as heck not knowing what to expect but willing to give it a try. Can I just say we had so much fricking fun!!  Also, too I have to mention that you generally get an hour to escape the room, we showed up about 20 minutes late, leaving us 40 minutes and we still made it!  We showed up and showed out!! I literally haven’t had that much adult fun in I can’t even tell you when.

So much fun that we decided we wanted to try the room that we were all giving the side eye to when were contemplating the first one.  This was a serial killer one.  I’m glad we tried this room the second go round because if it were the first, someone who have gotten hurt (and I don’t mean my sisters and I).  There was a little screaming, scream hugging (you know when you don’t know what else to do while screaming so you hug someone) and some top flight secret stuff.  This room was way harder than the first and we had a couple minutes of self doubt and I began questioning my detective skills.  Had all those many hours of Investigation Discoverying been in vain! But then after some proverbial bitching slapping and snap out of its and calling in for a couple clues AHEM, WE ESCAPED THE DAMN ROOM!!!!!!  We came in, f*cked some shit up, escaped the room and left.  Yeah we’re bad ass like that!


I can’t speak for them (but I kinda can) when I say we are now hooked and want to try ALL the damn rooms.  Thanks Groupon!  Have you Grouponed yet?  If so, what fun/not so fun things have you tried?


Don’t Wait Til It’s Gone to Know What You’ve Got.

grateful heart


My black hair was boring, I wanted to lighten things up so I dyed it and it all fell out: Thought I wanted change.  Now I want things back to the way they were.

I didn’t speak to her much in the mornings because I’m not a morning person: Thought I wanted some peace and quiet.  Now she’s gone and I can’t hear her voice.  I have quiet but no peace.

He took for granted the times I washed, folded and put away his laundry:  Thought my little gestures of love were no big deal.  Now he’s always late because he can’t find his clothes.

She thought cleaning her home was a burden:  Now she doesn’t know how much longer she will have this home.  She now prays this time cleaning her home won’t be the last.

Like Joni said “don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”.

Be thankful for your right here and right now.  Maybe it could be better but it damn sure could be worse.





Views from the (Iphone)6

A couple of weekends ago Cakes, the Grumpster and I got to attend an amazing “Ice Age: Collision Course” event.  We (well Cakes) got to watch the movie because it was night night, lights out for me and Grumps.  The little bit I saw was very cute for what it’s worth.  There was a kiddie afterparty where the kids got to do arts and crafts, meet the characters, do yoga, eat goodies, get their faces painted, etc.  It was off the chain.  Not only was the event dope but the scenery really moved me.  You wouldn’t be able to tell by my mostly black and white wardrobe but I LOVE COLOR and this setup was nothing short of stunning!  I was entranced by these colors something like the Clintons with balloons.

Cool or what!?


Fit of the Week

I’m in love with these olive green shorts, I can’t put my finger on why exactly they are just the cutest things.  Cakes hasn’t had a chance to wear them all summer so I was just hell’s bent on her wearing them today.  But what with???  I “found” this top that I think went perfectly with the shorts.  How did I do?



Shorts: Carter’s

Top & Sneakers: Old Navy




fournado 1

I thought I was pretty lucky that I didn’t really experience the terrible 2’s or threenager  with Cakes but man am I making up for it now.  I didn’t really know it had a name until I was reading up on some of my favorite blogs and saw that there is indeed a name for what we are going through with our sweet sweet 4 year old Cakes.  FOURNADO!  Go ahead grab a cocktail, you’re gonna need it!



The Fournados consist of:

  1. More “why’s” than any person is equipped to answer.  This girl why’s us into circles. Mommy/Daddy why are my shoes blue? Because they only came in blue.  Why did they only make blue? Because blue is their favorite color.  Why is blue their favorite color? I don’t know Cakes, why is yellow your favorite color.  Uh because it’s my favorite color.  Exactly Cakes.  But why?  *which is usually followed by us looking to the other for help*  We’ve learned to use the art of distraction or reverse why’s to deal with the endless slew of why’s.  What’s a reverse why?  When you’ve run out of creative answers and so you ask them why instead.  She usually gets annoyed and changes the subject  or walks out.  Win for the parents!
  2. Expansive/Expressive vocabulary.  Sometimes I forget that I’m speaking to a four year old. It seems as though it started almost exactly on her 4th birthday when she started thanking us for her birthday “decorations” , telling us which friend has “annoyed” her at school and so she uses her “imagination” and plays alone or the best when she started closing the door while going potty because she needs “privacy please”.  Most times we’re stunned and look at each other in disbelief at how she knows how to use her big words in the correct context with the appropriate expressions and emphasis.  I love every minute of it, it confirms that our baby is a genius (lol).
  3. Teenage Angst.  This one is a killer.  It’s like all of a sudden Cakes feels deeply and quickly.  She cries because she loves us then turns around and has the biggest belly laugh at something on tv.  Before we can even prepare to deal with one emotion she’s on to the next.  We haven’t really figured out what to do with this yet so we kind of just let her go through it and offer a hug, for now that does the trick.
  4. Combativeness.  I don’t know if it can really be accredited to fournado or if she just gets in honest from her daddy but sometimes if you let her you’ll get sucked into major back and forth with this little lady and again you forget she’s only 4.  “Wrong and Strong” is a word constantly used to describe Cakes.  She’ll be dead wrong and argue you down anyway.  Maybe it’s the makings of a future lawyer but most of the time we just tap out because she will wear you down.

Trying at times absolutely but I must say it is a pleasure seeing Cakes’ growing into such a little character.  Although if I’m being completely honest more often than not I just grab my flask and hide in the bathroom for a long as I can before she comes barging in.  Judge if you must!

What are some other Fournado traits you’ve dealt with/are dealing with and how do you cope.

Take Care



A little over a week ago I was going through my camera roll on my phone and noticed that Cakes had taken pictures.  Some pictures were of me, a couple of my butt when I was bending over to get something from the fridge, a few of Mr.Grumps, being grumpy and then there was one picture of some woman that I didn’t recognize right away.  As I stared at the picture with my eyes narrowed trying to figure out who it was I realized, the woman was ME!  I didn’t even recognize my own physical self.  I had no idea that I looked like that.  How long have I looked this way? Is that what people see when they see me?  These were all the thoughts clouding my brain as I dramatically spiraled out of control.  I’m talking full on dramatics here.  Sliding off the couch onto the floor then crying in my hands as I sat criss cross apple sauce.  I then realized that life was happening to me and I was too busy taking care of everything else to even notice.

I can’t quite tell you when my sneaker to shoe ratio got out of wack and just turned into my sneaker collection.  As I do not know how my wardrobe has become overrun with “stretchy things” and not the body con dress type stretchy things.  Or when my fun colored lippies turned into chapstick and go.  Or how the bags I carried on my arms relocated to under my eyes.  Who knows when all the gray hairs voted my brown hairs off the island and took residence front and center on my head.  By the way the browns are straight punks they didn’t even put up a damn fight.  Or when my bi-weekly wash and sets turned into f*ck it dirty bun liiiiiife, I have no idea when or how I gained all this weight, hell I don’t even know when’s the last time I took a good look in a mirror to even notice.  It was like I got bitchslapped followed by a cup of ice cold water thrown in my face.  I’M AWAKE!

In my head pops all these cliches and memes and inspirational quotes that I come across and mmmhmmm (like I be knowing when obviously I had no clue)

(yeah you’ve seen these too) the cup and the pouring one got to me the most.

I moped about it for a couple days more like a week and then I just decided I have to just do it.  As automatic and effortlessly as I take care of Cakes and home and work and everything else, is as automatic and effortless as it should be for me to take care of me.  Hell nobody else is going to, that’s evident.  Shit nobody even told me, wait maybe 2 different people giving me 2 different gift cards to 2 different spas was my cue that I totally missed.  Oh my goodness did I really miss that?  Welp, that just went clear over my head now didn’t it!  It appears I really was asleep.  I know this sounds easy enough and you’re probably reading this like I’m crazy but this is really hard.  You get into a routine in life, it works and you kinda just go with flow.  The thing is that seeing that picture was like a wake up call that hey it isn’t really working time to try something else.  Now is the hard and uncomfortable part which is I literally have to demand from myself time for myself.  I think I may have to try the Being Mary Jane method for awhile and write things on post its and put them around the house as a reminder to remember me until remembering me is a habit.  Aren’t I just as important as the people and things that I think are important.  Hell yeah!  So now it’s time to act accordingly.  How fitting is it that it’s a couple of days before my birthday and I get to put into practice and get to work so that my 30 somethingth year can be better to me than my 30 somethingth year.

Have you ever experienced a time when you lost sight of yourself?  Or forgot to take care of yourself or put yourself on the shelf?  And what did you do to get back?







Mama’s in the kitchen cooking: Lasagna Poppers

I’m not even kidding when I tell you this is my first complete and total epic fail.  Not because it wasn’t tasty or it looked a mess but because this recipe was so freaking annoying you have no idea.  I’m so annoyed that I can’t even go through the steps with you I am completely done with this recipe.  Seriously!

Okay so here is the tasty version of the recipe:

Lasagna Poppers

And here are the reasons why I hate (I’m aware that hate is a strong word and if I could find a stronger word to express the extent of dislike I feel for these damn lasagna poppers I’d insert it here gotdamnit).

  1. It took me close to 3 damn hours to make this mess.
  2. You basically have to freeze them after every single step which I’m sure ain’t nobody got time for.
  3. Between the meat, sauce, cheese mixture falling out of the lasagna noodles, the flour, egg wash, bread crumbs, egg wash, bread crumb again and the freezing process  my kitchen and hands were messy as heck which offset my OCD and literally gave me a mild anxiety attack.
  4. I was looking forward to them tasting like bite sized version of my lasagna (which I make a mean pan of) but it just tasted like super breaded and fried noodles.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good fried noodle but not when I’m expecting yummy, tasty, gooey lasagna.
  5. Mr. Grumps agrees these damn things aren’t worth all the fuss it took to make them.
  6. And last but not least the reason why I hate this recipe is because after all the mess, trouble and time it took to make these things….Cakes loved them and has asked me to make them AT LEAST four times.  Ugh!

On a scale of 1-5 I give this recipe a “don’t do it Miss Celie”.  Here is what mine looked like, I warn don’t be fooled by presentation these things are the devil.









Making Memories


I love the part in movies when someone has “the montage” of their most fun/happy/sad/silly/heartbreaking/profound memories, I’m just a plain ole sucker for it.  When I learned that I was going to be a mommy I vowed that we would make lots and lots of memories.  Hopefully the bulk of them would be fun and silly because I’m kind of fun and silly and filled with love.  Sometimes I’m guilty of going through the motions…work, home, bed, repeat and I have to give myself a bitchslap like they do in the movies which is usually followed by someone telling someone to “snap out of it”.  I love dancing (mostly randomly in public) I LOVE music (also singing randomly outloud in public), I also love snapping my fingers (which literally irritates Mr. Grumps’ soul) so a couple nights ago in the midst of getting ready for bed we had an impromptu dance party.  In addition to making some fun memories (“I love dancing with you mommy”) I learned some pretty cool/scary things about my kid and about myself:

  1. Cakes’ hip moving game is way strong: What is it with these kids and their hip actions.  She was shaking it to the left, shaking it to the right.
  2. I’m outta shape: Never oh never did I think I’d see the day when I let a 4 year old out dance me (shit I’ve been known to cut a rug or 2 in my day) but the amount of asthma like breathing I had to partake in was a wake up call that I need to step my game up.
  3. Should I be concerned that when singing “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift she closes her eyes and puts her hand over her heart as if it she knows what’s she singing, singing it from her heart and she means that shit?????
  4. She’s serious about her music selection: I let her “DJ” and although they are songs I picked to have in my phone which means I like(d) the song at one point or another , the songs she picked to play and the point at which she transitioned from one song to the next had me giving her the side eye like this kid is kinda sorta pretty good at this.
  5. She just may have my love and appreciation of music.
  6. I love dancing with Cakes!

So yeah, she went to bed a lot later than she normally does and she was way more tired once she made it to bed but the amount of fun we had, the happiness that our impromptu dance party brought on and the bunch of funny videos Mr.Grumps took were well worth it.

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that mean the world!